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30 Jun 2018|guest

Tweaks and Tools for the XDA

I got myself a neat new gadget. An XDA Orbit II from O2. Basically its a redesigned HTC Polaris. Since I do like my gadgets to work seamlessly and usually not in the limited way the providers deliver them, I collected a huge number of tools, tricks and hacks for this device and wrote them down - for the case it might help others as well.

I provide the information on this page solely for private use and give absolutely no warrenty or support for them. They mostly are collected from around the internet or selftested via trial and error. Use them all at your own rist and be aware that using them might incapacitate your device. Also all links are just that - Links. I am not and surely can not be responsible for the linked pages authors content.



This cool software enables your XDA to become not only a 3G -> USB or 3G -> BTPAN access point, but also to be a 3G -> WLan and a lot of others NAT. You can use this software to transfer all kind of network connection to another. So you can easily set the public interface and the private interface and then have the tool nat all traffic through. Making it effectively a neat little W-Lan Accesspoint for distributing the internet to a herd of WiFi? enabled Laptops wink

You can find the tool at WMWiFiRouter Homepage. They have a free trial for download available so you can test if it works for your device as well. Then you can buy the full version ( that continues runner for over the 21 day trial period ) for a few $. The price is definitely worth the tool !


Noni GPS Plot, or like I love to call it "The Frenchman", is a great GPS Tracker and Mapper tool for the XDA. It is extremely small and fast and has the ability to use custom made map content to display the tracks and positions on. You can record tracks, view tracks, navigate on tracks, have statistics displayed, and a lot LOT of other useful functions. The best is, the tool is "freeware"... well actually it is some kind of shareware. You have limited functionality until you donate to the author. In my eyes definitely worth it as this tool is by far the most useful.

As a little sidenote. You can easily create your maps for all terrains and detail level for free. A useful tutorial can be found on the authors website, where you also can download the tool.

Secure W2

Enables your WIFI Connection to use TTLS, EAP-TTLS, EAP-GTC, EAP-PEAP authentication over WLan. You can download and easily install the free driver from Dynamic Security Solutions website.

Radius Fuel

Monitor and register your monthly and milage use of gas for your car with this neat little tool. Radius Fuel enables you to quickly enter all data when refilling your car and gives you a lot of statistical information of how much you spend per month, what milage per gallon ( or rather litres per 100km ) you need and so on. Download and donate that cool tool from The Radius Fuel website.

Task Manager

The Task Manager is a neat system tool that lets you see all currently running programs, tasks, threads and services, as well as a realy handy display for the performance and memoryusage graphs. It also shows detailed information about each program, task and thread including handles and signatures. You can download the freeware version via Softonics Link to Task Manager.

Registry Settings

Enabling the 3G connection to auto-disconnect

This setting will toggle the 3G auto disconnect ability. Use the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm\ConnMgr\Planner\Settings\ to set the type of disconnect behaviour. The 1st key to use a is DWORD CacheTime the number denotes the number of seconds to wait before the auto disconnect, I have mine @ 60 seconds. The 2nd key is a Multiline value / String SuspendResume which can have 2 values:
  • ~GPRS! will set it to stay always on.
  • GPRS_bye_if_device_off will set it to automatically disconnect after the defined intervall.

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