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30 Jun 2018|guest

Welcome to FinFarenath's dragons lair

Welcome to FinFarenath's online Lair at halfDragon. If you came here, you are either bored, saw everything else on the net, or are inspired by me in some way I can't possibly imagine.

So if you are kind enought to come and visit my sites I will tell you some stories about this dragon. My name is FinFarenath, and I wrote this fine mess that you've been exploring for the past few minutes. If you want to find out more about FinFarenath you can easily click on the left sidemenue and find out everything about me or my dragonsoul.

And if you also want to find out about my art just feel free to sneek on by in my artwork gallery. I am drawing odds and ends since I was able to hold a pencil, but I think only recently i am able to draw something good... finally. And if you want to do some art trade or want to get in contact with me, - well feel free. I am a very talkative dragon when I got to know you a little better.

There are also some other features on this site, like the FurryFinder, where you can find the registered furries all around the world and I would be happy to count you in there too. Or if you want to have a talk or discussion with others of your kin, just feel free to also register on my forum. When I'm not drawing, writing, programming, chatting, Planning stories, programs or games, or (my favorite) dreaming, or so much of my other hobbies, I'm probably sitting around doing nothing, wasting everyone's time.

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