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30 Jun 2018|guest

Generate your QR Code

QR or Quick Response Codes are 2D barcodes like those used in supermarkets. (Only they most of the time are 1D barcodes) QR Codes have their main field in japanese marketing culture and only slowly swap over to europe and elsewhere.

You typically use a QR for giving others information in form of a URL that contains more information about something you saw on a marketing sheet or in a newspaper. You can also use it to send other global text messages that they can decode with their cellphone.

There are numerous applications for decoding QR codes in the web. Pick one for various cellphones and smartphones from kaywa reader, i-nigma, Barcode and Barcorama.

QR code is trademarked by Denso Wave, Inc. As you'd expect, the Denso Wave website includes a lot of useful information about QR codes.

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