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03 Jun 2019|guest

Projects and other stuff

Welcome to my projects and stuff corner in my lair. Usually I have a few ideas I am working on in my freetime. At the best of times there are a lot of such tasks, ideas and things I do at the same time, so it is just natural that not all are finished. So I sorted them into the categories about finished projects, actual projects I am currently working on and ideas for projects I might work on or am planning for.

The finished projects I describe here are for your information and maybe to help or simply entertain you in many or some ways. If you have questions regarding a project or want more information, or maybe participate - feel free to contact me. I am always willing to share knowledge and have others involved. Or maybe if you have an idea about a new project, you want me to participate in - also let me know ^..^

Ideas for projects or those to come

  • Hotspot Automatisation

Current projects

Finished projects

  • Furrum
  • FurryFinder
  • DailyDiary?
  • DragonMUCK?
  • Ambientlight System
  • Supplement Control System
  • Filepile
  • Gallery
    FinFarenath's Artwork and Images is a section of the lair, for showing and sharing artwork, gifts and other images with all of you. Read more about the gallery.
  • Quick Response Code Generator
    A QuickResponse? Code generator using the google charting api.

Updates, Patches and Fixes

FinFarenath's online Lair is under constant maintenance and construction. I am always about to improve on the current status to make it more userfriendly and bugfree environment. I have a bugtracker for showing the current status of improvements and fixes. If you see a bug or have a request about what should be changed or fixed, please contact me here and tell me about it. Please check out the current status first to see if the bug or request has already been filed.

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