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29 Apr 2019|guest




  • 26.06.2008:
    Got to work on my online lair a little. Finished the new diary engine that comes with a huge amount of new features. If you want to get your personal account just send me a short mail or contact me here. Take a look and read through my infos tidbits and thoughts. I will try to write there more often now. Promise ^..^



  • 01.06.2007:
    I finally finished the new gallery for my online lair. It is a complete new engine as well as skin I used, because my old selfwritten engine was incompatible to the content managing system I use for my lair now. Please have a lot of fun exploring the new abilities as well as the unique design I did for the art there. I would love to get some comments as well as feedback about the new corner of my lair. And as usual at the moment - if you should find any bugs - please let me know so I can fix them.


  • 31.05.2007:
    Finished coding the global error handling of the webserver to match the new style.

  • 21.05.2007:
    The diary engine is fully skinned now. I also took some time to fix longoverdue bugs in the engine itself, so it now will display the entries in the month and day view correctly and will not show a "no results found" line even when entries exists.

  • 15.05.2007:
    I switched from the old system to the new one finally. I hope everything stays stable and is usersafe. There still is a lot to do about the content, but now that the system stays and is running, adding content should be an easy enough task.

  • 11.05.2007:
    Well. I am about to finish the new Lair cms. I just hope that all is working fine and that not too much of apparent bugs are visible.


  • 12.04.2007:
    Currently I am working on the new general lair design. Most parts are already done and polished. The latest addition is the functional ability for security and protection of special parts of the lair. If you are a friend of FinFarenath just give a notice to get a personal account so you can login and access the personal stuff as well.


There are no news for march.


There are no news for march.


There are no news for march.

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