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24 Mar 2019|guest

Under Construction still

Links and other sites

Surfing through the web for a long time, I found some nice spots out there who might be useful for others and have helped me a lot. I also collected some sites of freinds and furry related topics. If you have a site and want me to link to yours, feel free to mail me and tell me more about your site. If you want to link to my lair, please feel free and use the banner exchange? to link here properly. If you find some link disturbing or have other useful links, just let me know. I am always willing to add to the list here.

Also, I have to state that I am linking to external pages and servers here and thusfor am not reliable for the content provided by those sites. Just the legal stuff - oh well.

Other furry sites

  • The Eurofurence convention website can be found at Check out for the latest convention in Europe for meeting other furs, having a lot of fun and a good time.
  • Knowing all about furries. Check out the Fur Wiki at Bla bla
  • Bla bli blubb

Sites of friends

  • Bla bli blubb

Helpful stuff

  • Bla bli blubb


  • Radiopannen is a german website about bloopers on the radio and television. ( No english version available )

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