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21 Jul 2019|guest

FinFarenath's corner for frieds

Hello fellow visitor. You are about to enter the more private chambers of FinFarenath's online lair. Of course these parts are not accessible by everyone simply stumbling by or visiting.

Obtaining a login

If you are a friend of the dragon you might already have a login to access the more private areas here. If you do not have a login yet and want one or think you should already have gotten one, please tell me about it. I have not given everyone I know an account initially because surely not everyone is interested in the private sections here. But if you want one just let me know and I will certainly give you one.

For friends only

If you have a login name for the lair in general, not meaning a login for the furrum, furryfinder or the artgallery you can continue here. Please enter your username and password when asked for or click on the login link in the lower left corner, where you also can see which username you are logged in at the moment.

To the Friends Lair

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