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30 Jun 2018|guest

Registering as a new user

Hello fellow traveler. Because of extremely abusive usage of the registration to my forum the automated registration as been closed. You are not able to register yourself freely anymore. Sadly I have no time to implement an automated captcha test into the registration to avoid the abuse.

Most of the time the abuse came from russian servers and lay has no hold of them at the moment. So its no use to bother anyway. I will simply close of the automated registration link. However that does not mean that you are unable to register anymore. You simply have to send me a message and tell me personally that you want a new registration. Follow the link on the bottom to contact me and tell me that you want to register a new account for the forum. Tell me your wish for a login name, your name that should appear for all other members and a valid e-mail address for me to mail you your new account information.

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