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Digital Circuits and Electronics
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17 Feb 2019|guest

Digital Circuits and Electronics

I always was fond of circuits and the things one can do with electronics. A certain fact in my life was, that I started playing end experimenting as a little hatchling already with all kind of stuff. Disassembling television sets at a young age made me find my interest in those little black thingies - ICs

Some of my findings and more interesting Projects about such topics I have listed here for your amusement, information and help. Some of those can be used as a guideline for your own experiments as well as simple design patterns when you want to build your own ones.

If you have questions, suggestions or want me to explain certain things or facts more detailed, please let me know so I can write them up for you. As you might have guessed - all information found here is without guarantee and you have to use it at your own risk ^..^

Digital Projects

Electronic Basics

  • All about Transistors you will find here. How to search, connect calculate and where to buy them.

Interesting ICs and Systems

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