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Filming and Digital Video
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30 Jun 2018|guest

Filming and Digital Video

  • Camera Comparison. I had the advantage of having some great Camcorders at hand that I was able to test a bit while shooting for a TV production. Some special parts and things I was interested in those camcorders I wrote down for the case you might be interested in reading about the choice differences in picture quality and handling. It's just a little lookout about those cams and might give you a short impression about them.
  • The science behind color calibration on Cameras A short description of the science behind color calibration on video cameras. If you want a little more detail and insight on how calibration is done or want to see more of the science behind the "why" one needs to calibrate a camera, go on and read all about it.
  • How to set up and calibrate a digital camera properly. This short introduction and step by step manual gives you a good insight and way to calibrate your digital camera using calibration charts.

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