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31 Jan 2019|guest

Digital Photography and Imaging


Basics about Color and Photography

A key to understanding extended imaginary and photographic techniques is to understand the physics behind all things and the basic was of photography and how things work. This is the reason I sketched up a few basic explanations about this an that. If you have questions or want other topics described here, please tell me so and I will happily share what I know with you.

  • About the eye and colors. This will describe how the human eye or digital media interpret and perceive colors and how colors are stored, processed and the ups and downs about different color types. A general basic about the understanding how color and photography work.
  • Camera Basics and resolutions. This topic will go into resolutons, what different dpi mean and about dithering. Also the various format factors and imagesensor sizes are described here.
  • Digitizing and Bit Depths. Talking about digitized images and their sampled bith depth. Meaning, how many bits are used to store the sampled intensity of a color.
  • Everything about image noise and visible sharpness will be talked about in this part of the tutorials section. If you want to learn basics about signal to noise ratio and shrpening images, go on and have a look.

Advanced Topics about photography and digital imaging

Using computers enables a huge variety of effects as well as special technices to be combined with traditional photography. I have written a few tutorials and infos about such new ways of using the comnation between digital photography and digital imaginary.

Tips and Tricks

A lot of friends have asked me for this and that about photography and how to improve on techniques and how to get better images in some situations. So I sat down and wrote a few instructions on how to achieve this and that. And surely on my new lair I will share them all with you for your interest. If you have suggestions or want to know more about a certain topic or interest, please let me know. I love to share knowledge and tips with others for help and support.

  • Digital Image enhancing for High Dynamic Range Compression ( HDRC ):
    This is a little manual about how to compose multiple exposure photos to a single HDR Image. The technique is well suited for taking photos of areas where you have dark shades as well as extremely bright areas and a normal photo is unable to digitize the whole range of lightness of the scene.

Send feedback or comments

If you want to send feedback or comments to those tutorials, use the form below. Also send me a notice, if you want me to write another tutorial to a certain topic or if you want to contribute with your tutorial here.
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