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30 Jun 2018|guest

Help for FinFarenath's Diary

If you have questions comments or simply are not getting help out of this file, please contact FinFarenath. Otherwise try reading this short help here to find out if it can help you:

How to view entries

You can view the diaries entries by licking on the menus entries for the recent entries, the entries for the most recent month and for the entries of the recent year. When you view those entries you basically have a navigation bar which allows you to navigate through the entries. If the entries fill more then one web page the entries will be split on more then one page. In this case you can navigate through the pages by either clicking on the page number directly or by choosing the next and previous page, You can also navigate through the entries time wise by clicking on the dates near the page numbers. There you can select to display the next day, month or year or the previous ones, depending on what you are viewing.

How to view the calendars

If you want to view the calendar overview of the entries, you can select either a month or a year directly from the menu. When you click on the month name of a certain month, you will get a monthly overview of that month with all entry number in display for the days where there are entries. If the day has no entry, no such number will be shown. You can view the entries of that day directly by clicking on that number. You can also navigate through the month by directly clicking on the previous or next month or years on the navigation bar. If you are watching the calendar overview for the whole year you will see a list of the month for the selected year. The month displays for each month is similar to the displaying of the monthly overview. Additionally you have a list and value for the number of entries total that have been posted in a month. When clicking on the month name you will get the calendar overview of that month directly.

How to search for entries

If you want to search for an entry or for a set of entries, you can select search from the menu. On the search panel you can either select to search for entries in normal search mode or in expert mode. You can toggle those two modes by clicking on the labels expert search or standard search. When you search in standard mode, you can enter a title search string and, or a content search string. You can enter keywords or complete sentences for your search. If you fill in both fields, you will search for entries matching both criteria. You have to enter at least one word in one field to search for entries. When you search in expert mode, you also have the option to search for entries in a given timescale. Select the kind of range or type for the times you want to search the entries in and then enter the appropriate values. For example searching for an entry, containing something about the weather that is not older then a week, you have to enter 'weather' in the content field and then select 'search for entries, newer then'. Then enter 7 days, or one week and click on search.

How to login as a user and where to obtain a login

This diary is able to handle closed usergroups. When you are not logged in you are known as a guest to the diary. All entries visible for guest you can view then. When you want to access even more entries, mostly of more private nature of the writer, you have to get a username and password from the owner of the diary. You could ask the owner via e-mail or personally so that they can create an account for you, with which you can log in then and read probably a lot more entries that are not meant for public display. Either there are closed usergroups and what kind of entries you can read when you are logged in depends on the owner. It can range from that you can only read any entries when you are logged in up to that there are no usergroups at all. When you login by clicking on the login button in the menu, you will be asked for your username and your password. Also you have to check that you read and accepted the acceptable usage policy for this diary. You only need to check this once to be able to log in. All the following logins will not require you to check this again. You will stay logged in from this pc until you click on the logout button in the menu again.

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