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03 Jun 2019|guest

Bug Tracker

  • Main text about bugs and requests
  • How to file a request
  • About how and when I do work here

Main Lair

Current status of the fixes and requests of the main Lair content management system.

Date Severity Description Status
02.06.2007 low Change separator in the breadcrumb path from an arrow to the colons. fixed
01.06.2007 low Finish to skin the message dialogues. fixed
01.06.2007 low Write comprehensive administration template. fixed
01.06.2007 low Fix problem with smilies plugin fixed


Current status of bugs, fixes and updates to the gallery. If you should have a request or a comment or even found a bug in the gallery, please tell me so I can fix it or incorporate your request.
Date Severity Description Status
01.06.2007 low Moving the Breadcrumb headline from upper right to the sidenavigation menu. done
01.06.2007 low Adding a view as panorama animated button to the photos navigation bar. open


Requests and patches for the furrum engine will be posted here. Currently the engines development process is stalled because of the not so frequent usage of that place. Also a transfer to a public available engine of opensource origin is not planned because migrating all the old threads and topic might take too long - so it mainly stays like it is.
Date Severity Description Status
02.06.2007 low Rendering threaditems to fit the new layout. open
02.06.2007 medium Writing a captcha test and changing the registration procedure to prevent spam and bulk registration by bots. open
02.06.2007 low Changing style to reflect a vertical seperationbar between the userinformation and the actual post done by the user for visual clearance. open
02.06.2007 low Rendering graphics in general to fit the new layout and skin of the online lair. open



All content is copyright © 1989-2007 by FinFarenath. All material on this website is the property of the author. Any copying or quoting from this text is forbidden and requires a written permission of the author. The legal disclaimer applies for all the pages found under this domain. Ideas, requests, problems regarding FinFarenath's dragons lair - send feedback. This site was created at 19 Sep 2007.