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31 Jan 2019|guest

The Gallery

After I wrote the first version of my online gallery by hand and then improved it with a second version of the engine, I finally switched to an open source project to be used. It simply was the better choice as the gallery project at menalto improved over the years and finally had sufficient features that I needed. Also I didn't have the time to write a new engine again.

This gallery has a cool set of features like user self registration and captcha securing for abuse prevention. All other features were already available by the old engine of mine. But the new one has a more sophisticated handling of templates and the ability to design a site layout much more easily.

If you want to register an account, check out the gallery. The benefit of having a personal account the the images here is, that you for one have access to enlarged and fullsize versions of all images and photos, as well as access to mature artwork and special gifts. If you view an image when logged in, it will be sealed with an invisible watermark to identify it. So please keep in ming to respect to not share or publish the images that are not explicitly marked to be free for publication. I do this for fun and for your entertainment, so please respect my wishes to not show everything to anyone.

If you want to get a personal login for this gallery, you can simply register yourself. If you are interested in viewing the more private art or images, please also after registering, leave me a message about why you want to see those and who you are, here.


Artwork of FinFarenath can be found in the FinFarenath's Artwork album and sketches as well as unfinished art can be found in the Sketches and Unfinished Artwork album.

There is an album for art trades and gift art as well in the Giftart and Arttrades album. If you want to do an art trade or do some gift art, or want me to draw an image for you or a friend of yours, just send me a message and we will see what can be done.

In the Non Furry Images album I put some photos and other non furry related images to share with all of you.

Bugs, Updates and Fixes

Current status of bugs, fixes and updates to the gallery. If you should have a request or a comment or even found a bug in the gallery, please tell me so I can fix it or incorporate your request.
Date Severity Description Status
01.06.2007 low Moving the Breadcrumb headline from upper right to the sidenavigation menu. done
01.06.2007 low Adding a view as panorama animated button to the photos navigation bar. open

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