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17 Feb 2019|guest

Me myself and I

A dragon in your soul is something you might not take easy. A human in your soul, when you are a dragon is not easy as well.

FinFarenath is a role-playing character for a fantasy online world, also a character for some science fiction novels. You can find information about that character all around this online lair, so feel free to have fun reading and enjoying the world of fantasy.

Me, myself and I - that most typically describes the "me". It is not simply a human being, a dragon or vice versa. It is more like a symbiosis that formed over some very deep hardships and sad times. It is the dragon that keeps me going and the human that needs the mending and support in me.

TheThreeOfMe_00.gif Human DD Fin2 Fin1
FinFarenath - which is me - is the dragon side and aspect of myself. It shows in certain parts of my behavior and attitude towards certain topics. It is the strong part in me that keeps me going and fighting through when I think that there only is darkness to build up around me. It also is the creative side of me that supports the more human creativities that are still left in me. The joyous yet also ponderous way of ambling through life is most of the time based on the way, just dragons see and reflect their world.

My inner self of the human - that is still there somehow - reflects how I used to look at things and mainly is a reflection of distant images on a perturbed waters surface. There surely is a lot left of me in myself but it is mostly a motoric and sensotic level that retained. At times it feels more like a scrooge or a dead stump of a limb to me as really being me. This is when all the bad times surface again and I can not see any lights on the horizon. But there might be hope that someday, when the majority of my chores might ease a little - that I will find my way back to who I used to be again.

Given that symbiosis of those two souls that are not really two, rather then one soul in a whole, there is a third form, that created the conflict and the disbelieve in the understanding of myself. It is a form of both. DreamDancer - the halfdragon - is what formed a part of my life for some time and has been the compromise before really accepting myself in me. So not to diminish that or to say it was something bad, that I got rid of - it rather reminds me too much of sad times to really want to remember or recall this third face of me, myself and I.

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